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Re: Procurement checklist

Attached is part of a draft document I developed for procurement by
municipal agencies in northwest Indiana (covers office supplies, lighting,
cleaning/auto supplies, products with recycled content, etc.).  Eventually,
I would like to send such a document out to (preferably local) suppliers to
develop a database covering availability and cost of such products.

I am attaching this rather than putting it into email because it includes
several tables.

(See attached file: govtproc.doc)

Lois N. Epstein, P.E.
Environmental Defense Fund (Washington, DC)

From: Wendy Fitzner <FITZNERW@state.mi.us> on 11/20/97 04:28 PM GMT

Please respond to p2tech@great-lakes.net

To:   p2tech@great-lakes.net
cc:    (bcc: Lois Epstein)
Subject:  Procurement checklist

A company has asked me to check if anyone has a good
"checklist" they can use when procuring new products.  I would
guess the list would have various material management questions
such as check the MSDS, review various regs, look at handling,
storage and disposal options, etc.
We have some basic "P2:" checklists, but I am looking for
something a little "broader" in use.
Wendy Fitzner
Pollution Prevention Section
Environmental Assistance Division
Michigan Department of Enviromental Quality
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P.O. Box 48933
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phone: 517-373-8798  fax: 517-335-4729
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