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Re: voluntary ozone control programs

Southwestern Ohio has a very active program in place to encourage
voluntary reduction of Ozone.  I don't know about a website, but you can
get further information from Cory Chadwick, Director of the Hamilton
County Department of Environmental Services at 513 651 9437.

Warren Weinstein wrote:
> Does anyone have any good information or know of any pertinent web sites
> about voluntary ozone control programs.  These programs are local or state
> initiaitves designed to eliminate ozone exceedances by reducing emission of
> ozone precursors on days with predicted high levels of ozone formation
> San Francisco and Tulsa implemented the first programs in 1991.
> Broward County DNRP is hosting a conference next month and they are
> interested in learning about P2 solutions to ozone problems.
> Thanks.
> Warren

Tim Sisson
956 Anderson Ferry Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45238
513-922 2104