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RE: Containment Area

I would be hard pressed to call bare cement containment.  When was the last time you saw a plain concrete swimming pool?  If you want to hold water you have to coat it and there are lots of products out there.  Is the waste water acidic or basic?  How nasty is it and why?  ( for that matter if overflow occurs on a regular bases it sounds like the system has a serious design flaw that needs to be corrected!)  For starter I would look in the Thomas Register, there are 160 listing for companies that provide coatings to seal concrete.  (Membranes have typically been used when your covering plain ground and coatings are impractical.  Getting edges to seal properly and avoiding rips and tears usually make installation of membranes more costly than simple spread on coatings.)

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There is a company having problems with cracking on the floor of their cement containment area.  There are two large (50,000 gallon) holding vessels in this containment area which feed wastewater to a treatment system.  Occasionally there with be a overflow from these tanks which is captured in the containment area and pumped back into the system but there has been some leakage on occasion, potentially from the cracks.  The facility repairs the cracks but they continue to appear.  The company is currrently looking at a membrane to cover the surface of the containment area but fear this too may crack.  Does anyone have information on techniques to resolve containment problems like this?

John Burke

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