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Re: Industry/waste stream information

The annual TRI press release has a lot of toxics information by
industry sector, so if you don't have a copy of the latest press
release you might want to get it.  It is called "1994 Toxics
Release Inventory:  Public Data Release" (I don't know if 1995 is out
yet) and can be obtained by calling the EPCRA hot-line at
1-800-535-0202.  If you call them ask them for a list of pubs, there
might be something else you could use.  

Sector notebooks contain a section on chemical releases and transfers
and have been prepared for about 20 industries.  They are on
Envirosense and can also be ordered from the US GPO at 202-512-1800.

You should try to get ahold of a copy of volume 9, no. 1 of the
journal "Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials" (winter 1992).  It
contains several articles that analyzed the one-time TSDR survey that
was conducted in 1986.  

There tends not to be a lot of information gathered on nonhazardous
wastes and the most detailed stuff is from a series of reports to
congress that were conducted in the late '80s.  These were made into
EPA reports, doc no 530-SW-88-011 and 530-SW-88-011B.   

And there's always doing database searches in the TRI, AIRS, and BRS
to see how wastes look by four-digit SIC code.  

Hope this helps.  

Kirsten Sinclair Rosselot, P.E.
Process Profiles
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Calabasas, CA 91372-8264