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Re: voluntary ozone control programs

     There is very active Greater Cincinnati Ozone Coalition with broad 
     voluntary program activities.  I suggest as a first contact: Jim 
     Sadelfeld, Air Quality Manager, in my office at:
     513/352-4681.   Sorry, don't know his email address and its after 
     hours around here.  (I'm forwarding your message to him.)
     Bruce Suits
     Pollution Prevention Manager
     City of Cincinnati
     Office of Environmental Management
     805 Central Avenue, Suite 610
     Cincinnati, OH  45202-19047
     Phone:     513/352-6270
     FAX:       513/352-4970
     email:     bruce.suits@cinems.rcc.org

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Subject: voluntary ozone control programs
Author:  p2tech@great-lakes.net at INTERNET
Date:    11/20/97 1:05 PM

Does anyone have any good information or know of any pertinent web sites 
about voluntary ozone control programs.  These programs are local or state 
initiaitves designed to eliminate ozone exceedances by reducing emission of 
ozone precursors on days with predicted high levels of ozone formation  
San Francisco and Tulsa implemented the first programs in 1991.
Broward County DNRP is hosting a conference next month and they are 
interested in learning about P2 solutions to ozone problems.