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P2 and the Future of the Internet

     Earlier this month, Mark Boylan (wastemin@aol.com) made an inquiry to 
     this list regarding P2 information delivery.  In my reply to him I 
     made passing reference to a presentation I was (at the time) preparing 
     for the recently completed NPPR meeting in Lake Tahoe. 
     At the time, I also promised I would put it on the web.  Recent 
     prodding from a couple of P2TECH readers with better memories than I 
     have led me to do just that.
     Hence, a presentation on "P2 and the Future of the Internet" 
     (appropriately subtitled "Educated guesses, blind hunches, wild 
     speculation and other evidence that free advice is worth the price").  
     As one might guess, this title was carefully chosen to be so ambiguous 
     that I cannot possibly be held accountable for the assertions & 
     speculations contained therein.  Nonetheless, bowing to peer pressure, 
     I have posted it for public perusal/comment/critique at:
     Note that there's admittedly more heat than light in this 
     presentation, but perhaps the ideas put forward (or at least the web 
     links listed on the last two slides) will inspire some innovation in 
     effective future uses of the Internet as a tool for effecting P2.
     Scott Butner (rs_butner@pnl.gov)
     Pacific NW National Laboratory/Seattle Research Center 
     4000 NE 41st Street
     Seattle, WA  98105
     206-528-3290 voice/206-528-3552 fax