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RE: Wood Products Industry Questions

[Copper 8 quinolinolate(0.5%) + tung oil (10%) + carrier such as
kerosene etc (85-90%) + parrafin (1%)]might be an alternative for
preservation.  It appears to be less toxic and I have used it for home
use.  For industrial, the tung oil and parrafin can be left out or
replaced by linseed oil or used motor oil.  You would have to play
around with the formula that works best for the application.  Research
the hazards of the copper8 ingredient.

RF curable adhesive is commonly used on wood.  It is faster and has
little or no emissions.  Whether it would have the properties (water
resistance, etc) of urea formaldehyde-based adhesive, check with the

Contact me if you are interested in details.

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>Hello, Again:
>I'm uncertain whether my first message received the listserv.  If so,
>please disregard.  If you have read this before, please read on.  Thank
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>> Hello, All:
>> I would like to know if anyone can help me with some waste reduction
>> and P2 questions:
>> Is there an alternative to urea formaldehyde-based glue in the plywood
>> and interior plywood with hardwood overlays business.
>> 	A wood treater would like to reduce the toxicity and preferably
>> quantity of sludges generated from wood preservation.  Specifically,
>> the company would like to focus on all the treatment chemicals,
>> including Chromated Cooper Arsenate (CCA), Ammoniacal Cooper Zinc
>> Arsenate (ACZA), and Ammoniacal Cooper Q.  The reason why they have
>> not replaced CCA and ACZA with ACQ that would eliminate a federal
>> hazardous waste is due to cost.  Besides economics, the company wants
>> possible alternatives to make the wood look appealing to customers.
>> 	Please let me know if you know or hear of any potential
>> alternatives.  Thanks.
>> 	David Livengood
>> 	Waste Reduction Assistance Program
>> 	Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
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