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Dear P2 Advocate:

Mark your calender for next Tuesday, December 9th at from 9:30 to 11:30
a.m. CST for the 1997 Green and Profitable Printing Videoconference. The
program will include a review of key environmental compliance issues for
small-medium lithographic printers, and a discussion of compliance
approaches, especially focusing on pollution prevention strategies. Issues
that will be considered include rag management, ink waste reduction,
reduction of alcohol indampening solution, and reducing VOC's from various
sources including press cleaning. A theme throughout the program is that by
building good process controls into their operations, printers will improve
quality, reduce wastes and improve profitability. Video footage used for
the program will feature interviews of printing experts. To find out where
to view the videoconference in your area, contact your state contact listed
in  the *Conferences & Training* section of the Printers National
Environmental Assistance Center site at www.p!
neac.org.  Or call Marilyn Dole at 608-262-0910 or mcdole@ epd.engr.wisc.edu.)

Here is some other Compliance Assistance Center News that you might be
interested to learn about!

National Metal Finishing Resource Center
www.nmfrc.org    1-800-AT-NMFRC
	NMFRC is expanding its coverage to paints and coatings, and is starting to
upload state metal finishing regulations in a consistent, searchable format.  

CCAR-Greenlink®: the Automotive Compliance Information Assistance Center
www.ccar-greenlink.org    1-888-GRN-LINK (476-5465)
	Check out the "virtual auto shop" -- click on any portion of the
photograph and find out what environmental regulations apply.  GreenLink is
now working with Missouri, Texas, Wisconsin and Indiana to put
state-specific rules on the website. 

Printers* National Compliance Assistance Center 
www.pneac.org      1-888-US PNEAC (1-888-877-6322)
	Check out PNEAC*s updated web site.  PNEAC will be sponsoring three
process-based training sessions over the next year.  One is planned for the
NYC area this Spring.  If you are interested in having one in your area,
please contact Deb Kramer of the Illinois Waste Reduction Resource Center
at 773-265-2036 or kramer@cmcusa.org.

National Agriculture Compliance Assistance
Centeres.inel.gov/oeca/ag/aghmpg.html     1-888-633-2155 or 913-551-7207
	The Ag Center in conjuction with USDA is about to issue RFPs for
compliance tools and distribution vehicles related to the agriculture sector. 

The Printed Wiring Board Resource Center has a test site at www.pwbrc.org
and is looking for feedback.  Contact Steve Hoover at 202-564-7007.  

 Another three Centers are scheduled to come online next year (covering the
chemical industry, transportation, and local governments).  

We have brochures, rolodex cards, and flyers that I plan  to send along for
your staff, colleagues, or small business clients. * Also, if you know of
any websites that the Centers should be linked with electronically, please
let us know and we will help facilitate the process.  Feel free to call
(202-564-7066) or e-mail me (vendinello.lynn@epamail.epa.gov) with requests
or ideas.