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FW: Oil BMP - source reduction at Iron&Steel Mills (oil into process waste water)

> Hello, I am working in the I&S sector and regularly receive requests
> for BMP, pollution prevention or source reduction techniques related
> to reducing oil in steel plant's waste water.  My initial contacts
> with I&S Env Mgrs have indicated that the plants do not have
> documented BMP.  BMPs are not normally found as special requirements
> in NPDES permits for this sector.  Since I&S plants are well known for
> oil usage (discharge and consumption), I am finding it hard to believe
> that there are no established BMPs for this sector.  Rather than
> reinvent the wheel, I thought I'd try the P2 network (which I recently
> joined). 
> Any suggestions on who to ask or where to go next would be greatly
> appreciated.  
> Thanks!
> Bill Pioli