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    Eggshells are reportedly compostable.
    Eggshells, i believe, are high in calcium.  Would there be 
    opportunities to process them for a usage based upon the need for 
    Pig farmers may be willing to accept some of this food waste and 
    blend it in the slop cooked as feed.  Zoos may find eggshells a 
    specialty feed, or desire to blend them into existing feeds, for 
    some more exotic critters.
    Fertilizer Production?
    i recommend looking up information on egg shell chemical analysis.  
    Such information should be helpful in determining potential 
    Does the waste develop odor problems...this would probably affect 
    reuse options to a very large extent...or is the waste washed 
    (another waste of concern)?
    Is the generator willing to consider processing the waste to a 
    more marketable form?  Sterilization and/or grinding the shells to 
    a powder (or other utile gradation specification) may enhance 
    reuse options especially if the shells are clean and not 
    developing odors.
    Quantity and consistency in the quality of waste will make some 
    options more acceptable than others, especially over time.
    Please let me know if any of these ideas "hatch".  i'm told i have 
    a talont for this stuff.