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Research Funds Available

EPA would like to make you aware of the availability of research
funds from the US Environmental Protection Agency's Office of
Research and Development.  The National Center for
Environmental Research and Quality Assurance (NCERQA) has
issued a Request for Applications for research proposals for the
Science To Achieve Results (STAR) program grants.  

There are many grant opportunities listed but the two categories
of grants which represents millions of dollars in funds providing
the research relevant to P2 are: 
1) Technology for a Sustainable Environment 
2) Decision-Making and Valuation for Environmental Policy

The EPA's Office of Research and Development and the National
Science Foundation team up each year to offer major grant
opportunities for environmental research.  Pollution Prevention is
a highly appropriate and relevant area of research under two of
the three solicitation categories: 1) Technology for a Sustainable
Environment (web location: es.epa.gov/ncerqa/rfa/98tse.html)
and 2) Decision-Making and Valuation for Environmental Policy
(web location: es.epa.gov/ncerqa/rfa/98valrfa.html).  For these
two categories alone, over $6 million is available in grants funds. 
Awards are likely to range from $50,000 to $150,000 per award
year, with an approximate duration of two to three years.    

Academic and not-for-profit institutions located in the U.S., and
State or local governments are eligible to apply.  Profit-making
firms and federal agencies are not eligible to apply to this
program.  However, personnel in profit-making firms may
participate as non-funded co-investigators or through
sub-contracts with the awardee institution. 

We encourage you to review the grant announcements at the
above-mentioned websites.  The application deadlines are fast
approaching: The Technology proposals are due February 17,
1998 and the Decision-Making proposals are due January 15,

It is anticipated that the grants will be awarded in Fall of 1998.

For further information please check the announcements which
are available on line at http://es.epa.gov/ncerqa/rfa/   or via
facsimile for the Center's Hotline 800-490-9194.