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Expedition of Environmental Regulatory Permits for New Businesses

I am surveying all states to inquire if a priority permitting process
exists for new businesses interested in locating to your State.  In other
words, does your environmental state agency, small businesses ombudsman, or
business and economic development office provide as an incentive to a
potential new business locating to your state the process of expediting
environmental regulatory permits?  

The results thus far indicate most States have a permitting center or
business advocate working in this role to assist and educate a potential
new business of what environmental regulatory permits are needed for their
business,  what forms need to be completed and who the forms should be
directed to for review.  No formal or official process currently exists
among the few states I have spoken to. i.e., they indicated they do not
provide priority to a new business acquiring its permits to operate versus
an existing business renewing their permits.

Any responses may be sent directly to my e-mail address indicated below.

Melissa W. Farrell
Pollution Prevention Project Manager
Maryland Department of the Environment
2500 Broening Highway
Baltimore, MD 21224
Phone:   (410) 631-4119
Fax:        (410 )631-4477
e-mail:  mfarrell@mde.state.md.us