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State Voluntary P2 Programs -Reply

>>> Bob Burgess <BURGESRE@columb30.dhec.state.sc.us> 12/09/97
08:21am >>>
I am interested in learning of states that have
VOLUNTARY pollution prevention programs. 
These programs may be keyed to TRI chemicals,
but not necessarily.


In addition to managing the Texas Waste Reduction Policy Act's pollution
prevention planning requirements (for facilities who meet certain
thresholds for hazardous waste generation and/or who report on the TRI
Form R), the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission's Office
of Pollution Prevention & Recycling manages a number of voluntary
programs such as the CLEAN INDUSTRIES 2000, CLEAN CITIES 2000,
and CLEAN TEXAS STAR programs.  

Each program focuses on a different group/customer base and the
wastes they generate.  Members pledge to voluntarily reduce wastes
and to undertake other projects involving environmental education, etc.
The CLEAN INDUSTRIES 2000 program, for example,  is tied to hazardous
waste generation and/or TRI releases and transfers.  The other
programs focus mainly on municipal/non-hazardous wastes.

I would be happy to forward along  information regarding these
programs.  You may also want to visit our website at

Martha Arosemena
TNRCC, Office of Pollution Prevention & Recycling
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, TX  78711-3087
phone: 512/239-3185
fax: 512/239-3165