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Re: State Voluntary P2 Programs

Ohio Prevention First is a voluntary pollution prevention/reduction planning initiative with 167 participating facilities. If you give me a call I can explain the program and send you more information.

I believe Louisiana was planning something similar. Contact Harry Freeman at (504) 286-6072.

Georgia has a program called Pollution Prevention Partners (P3). Contact Amy McMillen at (404) 651-5120.

Michigan has a Clean Corporate Citizen program. You can find more information at www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/p2sect/

Vanessa Smith
Ohio EPA
(614) 728-1262

>>> Bob Burgess <BURGESRE@columb30.dhec.state.sc.us> 12/09 9:21 AM >>>
I am interested in learning of states that have
VOLUNTARY pollution prevention programs. 
These programs may be keyed to TRI chemicals,
but not necessarily.