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used tyvek from Oak Ridge

>Message-ID: <971118071639_747955238@mrin47>
>To: Clarkjan@turi.org
>cc: kacandes@albany.net
>Subject: Excess PPE
>A message was forwarded to me from the JTR Net listserve that EPA runs
>regarding excess PPE that the Oak Ridge Y-12 plant has.   Some of my
>colleagues and I may be interested, but would like some more information.
>  If possible, could you tell me: 
>1.  How much is a "large amount"?  Cases ... pallets .. a truckload? 
>2.  Are you looking to sell or donate the materials (to a 501c-3)? 
>3.  Do you need to unload all in one place, or are you willing to split it
>4.  Would you be willing to pay freight charges or would buyer / donee (is
>that a word?) be responsible for those costs? 
>I'm a founding member of an organization called ReDO (Reuse Development
>Organization) and our mission is to promote reuse as an environmentally
>sound, socially beneficial and economical means for disposing of discards and
>unwanted materials (i.e., to help make exchanges like this happen!).    Once
>I've got answers to the questions above, I may be able to help move that
>stuff.  Thanks for your help.  
>--Dee Dee Diccicco-Craft, Treasurer, Reuse Development Organization

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