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Re: State Voluntary P2 Programs

Hello P2 Techers
Vermont now has a new voluntary P2 Challenge/recognition program 
inspired by Oregon's "Envirostars" and Alaska's "Greenstars" 
programs called the Vermont Business Environmental Partnership.  We 
are launching this program in the hotel sector, since the incentive 
is fairly clear, manufactureres will be next and more of a 
challenge!  Anyone interested can read the summary below:

The Vermont Business Environmental Partnership Program
Highlighting Superior Environmental Performance by Vermont Businesses

The Vermont Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the Vermont 
Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC) and the Vermont Agency of 
Natural Resources- Environmental Assistance Division (EAD) have 
announced a new, voluntary challenge/recognition program for Vermont 
     This innovative program called the Vermont Business 
Environmental Partnership,  will help small businesses demonstrate 
that good environmental management practices can  them money, and 
expand markets. Through this program, businesses may also be able 
reduce the need for some regulatory reporting hassles and paperwork.  
The partnering  sponsors of  this program are in the process of 
forming a one-stop shop for environmental information and assistance 
and can assist participating companies in achieving cost savings, 
waste reduction and pollution prevention, core elements of the 
program's standards.	The object of this initiative is to encourage 
businesses to operate in an environmentally friendly manner, that 
goes beyond compliance, using waste reduction and pollution 
prevention methods and to give them the good PR (recognition) they 
     The Vermont Business Environmental Partnership has two levels of 
voluntary business participation. There is an entry level 
Environmental Partner designation and a more advanced Environmental 
Leader level.  The Environmental Partner designation is given to 
businesses achieving the six, core environmental criteria and six 
(out of twelve) elective achievements, half of which may be satisfied 
by existing efforts.  Two examples of achievement standards are: 
designating an environmental team and implementing an energy or water 
conservation measure.  The Environmental Leader designation is given 
to facilities that meet the Environmental Partner achievements and 
also develop a comprehensive environmental management plan or system. 
Confidential technical assistance is available from the sponsoring 
organizations.  Recognition incentives will vary by business sector. 
For example, an Environmental Leader in the hotel sector (called 
Green Hotel- in the Green Mountain State) will be recognized at the 
yearly Governor's award Ceremony for Environmental Excellence, as 
well as receiving a window seal and the green hotels logo (with 
description) on both the Vermont web page and the Vermont Travel 
Guides. For more information call the Small Business Development 
Center at 1-800-464-7232.

Peter Crawford
Vermont Small Business Development Center
Environmental Assistance for Business,Program Director
PO Box 422
Randolph, VT 05060
e: pcrawfor@vtc.vsc.edu