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Re: Information needs, CAA and CAAA

Do you get the Environmental Damage Valuation and Cost Benefit 
newsletter?  Kenneth Acks is the editor and his e-mail address is 
kenacks@delphi.com.  Seems like you'd be able to pick up some good 
reference sources from back issues.  The January 1996 issue, for example, 
has an article called "Costs of Proposed NOx Regulations" and another 
article titled "Section 112(g) Toxic Control Costs Exceed Benefits."

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> > Please forgive any cross postings.
> 1)  I need to get estimates of the costs associated with the CAA.  I am
> interested in all estimates, from the conceptual development of the CAA
> until now.  I am interested in aggregate estimates of compliance costs,
> costs for specific industries and costs of specific aspects of the
> regulations.  Any guidance as to sources, contacts, etc., will be appreciated.
> 2)  I need to get copies of state implementation plans, including any plans
> submitted and amendments to the plans to get them approved, and when the
> plans were approved, and when any subsequent amendments to the plans were
> approved.
> I am interested in the entire time frame from origin of the Clean Air Act to
> now, but with less interest in the most recent amendments to the CAA.  I am
> not particularly interested in the "market" reforms aka SOx futures auction.
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