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Re: ENVENG-L: Information needs, CAA and CAAA

>Subject: ENVENG-L: Information needs, CAA and CAAA
>Author:  rec3@po.cwru.edu (Ralph E. Cooper) at RAY_REC_SMTP
>Date:    12/10/97 6:56 PM
>Please forgive any cross postings.
>1)  I need to get estimates of the costs associated with the CAA.  I am 
>interested in all estimates, from the conceptual development of the CAA 
>until now.  I am interested in aggregate estimates of compliance costs, 
>costs for specific industries and costs of specific aspects of the
>regulations.  Any guidance as to sources, contacts, etc., will be
>2)  I need to get copies of state implementation plans, including any plans 
>submitted and amendments to the plans to get them approved, and when the 
>plans were approved, and when any subsequent amendments to the plans were 
>I am interested in the entire time frame from origin of the Clean Air Act to 
>now, but with less interest in the most recent amendments to the CAA.  I am 
>not particularly interested in the "market" reforms aka SOx futures auction.
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Hi Ralph, 

I asked Abby Swaine of Region 1...

Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 14:39:54 -0500
From: ABBY SWAINE <SWAINE.ABBY@epamail.epa.gov>
Subject: Information needs, CAA and CAAA -Reply
To: Clarkjan@turi.org
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Someone in EPA HQ's Office of Economy and Environment (within Office
of Policy, Planning and Evaluation) might be able to help:
202-260-3354.  Or he can try the Office of Policy Analysis and Review
(within Office of Air and Radiation): 202-260-5580.  I don't have
email addresses for the right individuals.


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