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Green Chemistry Awards

Thought that others might be interested in this:


EPA is currently accepting nominations for its Presidential Green
Chemistry Awards program.  Under the program EPA is seeking to
recognize and promote innovative technologies that can help prevent
pollution and that can be broadly applied throughout industry.  The
program recognizes all aspects and types of chemical design,
manufacture and use that result in reduced impacts on the environment
and human health.  Nominated technologies must be demonstrated,
implemented and/or applied within the last five years in the United
States.  The program is open to all individuals, groups and
organizations, both nonprofit and for profit, including academia and
industry.  Entries are due no later than Dec. 31, 1997.  Awards will
be presented in Spring, 1998, in Washington, D.C.  Questions about
eligibility or nomination procedures should be directed to Paul
Anastas or Tracy Williamson (202) 260-2659.  Information about the
program also is available from EPA's Pollution Prevention Information
Clearinghouse at (202) 260-1023 or via the Internet at:

Margaret Nover