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Management of Mercury

Any of the P2 experts have any suggestions or companies that will
except small amounts of elemental mercury (from thermostats,
thermometers, switches, etc.) from businesses and households.  I
am primarily talking about under one pound of mercury.

Based on my preliminary research, the high cost, adherence to
regulations, insurance, and safety concerns in transporting small
amounts of mercury to a commercial mercury recovery facility may
be the primary factor precluding it from being recycled.  Some
mercury recovery specialist will conditionally accept small
quantities of mercury but may require the generator to make
his/her own transportation arrangements and may place a
geographic limit on the collection area.  No doubt, other states
have received several inquiries on this issue.  I am interested in
hearing from them in regards to what they have done.

Community household waste collection programs may serve as
outlets for household-generated mercury, but not all communities
have household waste collection programs.  In addition, many
homeowners have expressed fear over handling/storing mercury in
their homes, due to safety and exposure concerns.

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