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P2 in Mexico

This came across my desk yesterday.  If you are interested please contact
Miquel Franco at mfranco@habaco.com.

A company in Mexico is looking for somebody to help deliver pollution
prevention workshops and other related services on organic chemical
manufacturing.  Knowledge of P2 for chemical reactors and related unit
operations is needed.  travel to Mexico would be required for about 35 days
over the next six months.  For further information, including a copy of the
scope of work, contact Miguel Franco at mfranco@habaco.com 

Lisa C. Merrifield (Morrison)			217/244-6061 (v)
Technical / Information Specialist			217/333-8944 (f)
IL Waste Management and Research Cnt. 	merrifld@wmrc.hazard.uiuc.edu
One East Hazelwood Dr.				Champaign, Illinois 61820