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organization assistance sought

        My name is Joy Glasier with the Environmental Policy Center in San
Francisco.  I am the Toxics/Hazardous Waste topic coordinator for our
current project, the Global Cities Online (GCOL) project.  I am in need of
some help regarding the organization of our Toxics/Hazardous Waste subject
matter, and was referred to this listserve.  GCOL is an interactive website
which contains over 5500 programs and policies that have been implemented
mainly by various local governments, but also by businesses and utilities,
from across the US.
        The policies and programs in the Toxics topic area are broken down
into Subtopics and then further into Program Types (examples include
Hazardous Materials Storage Regulations and Ordinances, Household Hazardous
Waste (HHW) Education Programs, HHW Collection Events, Toxics Soil
Remediation Projects, etc.  The problem I am encountering within the
Toxics/Hazardous Waste topic lies in the Subtopic organization,
cataegorization, and terminology.  Subtopics currently include:
Remediation, Safe Disposal, Safe Management, Waste Minimization, Use
Reduction, Awareness/Behavior, and System-Wide Issues.  One issue with
Pollution Prevention is that is spans several topics, but the greatest
challenge I'm finding at the moment lies in the differentiation between
Waste Minimization and Use Reduction (back-end vs. front-end, one could
say).  I think the terminology is part of the problem (outdated?), and then
while some programs and/or program types fit clearly into one or the other,
others do not.  I have some ideas for changes in this organizational
structure, but would like some input from experts in the field.
        Alas, this has become my organizational dilemma - how to break down
the subtopics to provide the cleanest, most useful, and most intuitive
divisions, and how to include Pollution Prevention.
        If there is someone who has some ideas and/or experience in
categorizing programs and policies related to Toxics/Hazardous Waste, and
who might be interested in aiding me in this issue, I would greatly
appreciate it.  Likewise, if you know of who may be interested in helping
me out, I'd appreciate those contacts as well. I could better explain the
project and the Toxics subject area, and could show you the site.  I am
also more than happy  to send/post information about our project in general
if anyone is interested -- other topics we cover include Air Quality,
Energy Efficiency, Transportation, Solid Waste, Open Space, Land Use, Urban
Forestry, Water Quality, Water Efficiency, and Environmental Management.
        Thank you in advance for your help.

Joy Glasier

Joy Glasier
Environmental Policy Center
2962 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
Tele: 415.775.0791
Fax: 415.775.4159