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Holiday P2 -Reply

Try the Use Less Stuff web pages; they have a couple of reallly great
ones, including one entitled "Don't let the Holidays Go to Your Waste"

The web address is:

EDF also has a good one, "EDF is Dreaming of a Green Christmas,
Chanukah, and Kwanzaa" and its web site is

Happy holidays to you!

Martha Arosemena
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>>> Carrie Monosmith <MONOSMIC@state.mi.us> 12/18/97 12:28pm >>>
Happy Holidays All-

Does anyone know of, or have a compilation of holiday p2 tips, i.e Xmas,
Hanukkah, etc.
related?  I would like to share it with our Michigan DEQ staff, if such a
thing exists
somewhere!  Thanks-


Carrie Monosmith
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