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P2 and the Holiday

Oh Christmas Trash, Oh Christmas Trash!

I got the following information from Bob Lilienfeld of Ann Arbor, Michigan who 
is editor of the "ULS Report" (Use Less Stuff).  He states that each year 
between Thanksgiving and Christmas we Americans generate an additional 25% more 
trash or an additional extra million tons per week!  The ULS Report offers the 
following yuletide tips for getting more for less....we also threw in a few of 
our own!:

	-Plan ahead.  Making a list will save time, money and last-minute 
  	shopping frenzies.
	-Keep it simple: one thoughtful gift is better than six wrapped packages
	of unwanted gifts.

	-Consolidate shopping trips.  Less driving means less wasted gas and 
	less stress.

	-Call the 800 number on the back of those mail-order gift catalogs and
	cancel the ones you don't want.  You could reduce your trash by at least 
	3.5 pounds if you cancel about 10 catalogs.

	-Combine unused "free gifts with purchase" gifts as other gifts or 
	donate them to a shelter.

	-Give gifts that don't have to be wrapped like gift certificates, 
	concert tickets, sporting event tickets or lottery tickets.

	-Don't wrap oversized gifts.  Hide them and give the recipient clues to 
	their location.  Make the search a treasure hunt.

	-Make the wrapping a useful part of the gift; put cookies in a flower 
	pot or hide jewelry in a new pair of socks or gloves.

	-Buy 36-exposure film rather than 12- or 24-exposure to reduce the 
	amount of packaging and film comtainers.

	-Give rechargable batteries and chargers with gifts marked "batteries 
	not included"

	-Reuse the christmas tree as habitat for birds in the back yard during 
	the winter months.  Hang feeders or suet balls on it.  Mulch the tree in 
	the Spring afterwards.

I'm sure there are many other yuletide tips that others could suggest!

Fred DeNorscia
Office of Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance
PA Dept. of Environmental Protection
Southwest Regional Office
400 Waterfront Drive
Pittsburgh, PA   15222-4745