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Re: Holiday P2

>Happy Holidays All-
>Does anyone know of, or have a compilation of holiday p2 tips, i.e Xmas,
>Hanukkah, etc.
>related?  I would like to share it with our Michigan DEQ staff, if such a
>thing exists
>somewhere!  Thanks-
>Carrie Monosmith
>Environmental Quality Analyst
>Michigan Dept of Environmental Quality
>Environmental Assistance Division
>PO Box 30457
>Lansing, MI 48909-7957
>phone: 517-373-0604
>fax: 517-373-3675
>email: monosmic@state.mi.us

I know of these programs and activities put on by the City and County of
San Francisco Solid Waste Management Program.  You may want to contact them
directly for more information and/or a copy of the ECO Shopping Guide. Hope
it helps.

-- Joy Glasier

Waste-Wise Holiday Ideas Exposition (1994)
Sponsored by the San Francisco Recycling Program.  An exhibit at City Hall
which displayed ideas for holiday gifts and decorations that were both
ecologically friendly and inexpensive.

Holiday Ornaments Program: "Celebrate Ecological and Economical Holidays"
Sponsored by the San Francisco Recycling Program.  A holiday exhibit and
tree display during the holiday season. Ornaments were made out of reused
or recycled material by students from local schools.

ECO Holiday Guide (published each year)
Published by the San Francisco Recycling Program, a subdivision San
Francisco Solid Waste Management Program.  A guide which encouraged
residents to reduce waste during the holiday season through alternative
packing and wrapping, gift ideas, Christmas tree decorating, and recycling.

Joy Glasier
Environmental Policy Center
2962 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
Tele: 415.775.0791
Fax: 415.775.4159