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RE: Reducing phosphorous from industrial point sources


Other sources of phosphate include laundries and fertilizer producers
and formulators.  I believe several studies have been done by the state
of Flordia looking into P2 in the phosphate mining industry.

If you ever need to identify the major users of a given mineral, find
yourself a copy of "Mineral Facts and Figures" published by the U.S.
Bureau of Mines.  It presents a quite detailed break-down of how much of
a given mineral is produced in the world and which SIC codes are the
major consumers.  It was last published in 1985 and its criminal that
this group/document is no longer around.  There are other USGS reports
that present similar data but they are either for one given mineral or a
given country.  The Mineral F&F document was a world-wide accounting
balance for the entire mineral industry.

Hope this helps,
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> Subject: 	Reducing phosphorous from industrial point sources
> In February, I have to give 2 presentations on the subject of
> "identifying 
> sources and P2 opportunities from industrial operations for
> phosphorous".  I 
> am aware that the largest point sources may be from dairy, cleaning 
> (phosphoric acid), and phosphatizing operations.  I have some
> references, 
> but suspect there is more out there.  Please let me know if you have
> or are 
> aware of other sources of information on this topic.  Thanks!
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