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FW: Holiday P2


Here are some holiday P2 ideas that we have run previously in our
company newsletters.


Tapio Kuusinen
Program Manager, Pollution Prevention Design and Assessment
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box  999 (Mail Stop K3-75)
Battelle Boulevard
Richland, WA  99352  USA
FAX 372-4909

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From:	Cannon, Sandra D 
Sent:	Friday, December 19, 1997 7:50 AM
To:	Kuusinen, Tapio L
Subject:	RE: Holiday P2


Here they are:

Consider purchasing a living Christmas tree for your home and business
this year.  After the holiday season, a potted, living tree can be
planted outdoors, in public parks, along public bike ways, or can
enhance interior decor year round.  After the holidays, be sure to
acclimate the tree before planting outdoors.

Holiday season soon arrives.  Remember to purchase holiday cards and
giftwrap that is both recycled and recyclable.  Americans can save 1.8
billion dollars and 11.5 billion Kwh of energy yearly, if all paper
products used are 50% or more recycled content.

In lieu of sending out invitations and flyers for work-related  holiday
(or other) celebrations, create the invitation in cc:mail and send
electronically.  As you create the mailing list for invitees, take note
of those staff not on cc:mail and send  them a hard copy invitation.

Some of the independent mail services in the area accept used foam
packing and styrofoam peanuts from the public.  Instead of throwing
foam packaging from holiday gifts into the landfill, drop it off at 
one of these mail centers:  Allied Services, The Drop Off, or Mail
Boxes Etc.

During this holiday shopping season, use your ESP reusable canvas
shopping bag.  To receive a bag, send a cc:Mail request to Brooke Hill.
Limited quantity available.

And a happy holiday to you and yours as well, Tapio----Sandra

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	From:	Kuusinen, Tapio L 
	Sent:	Thursday, December 18, 1997 1:10 PM
	To:	Cannon, Sandra D
	Subject:	FW: Holiday P2


	Can you find some of the holiday suggestions we have sent out
previously to forward to our friends in Michigan?


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	From:	MONOSMIC@state.mi.us [SMTP:MONOSMIC@state.mi.us]
	Sent:	Thursday, December 18, 1997 1:28 PM
	To:	nppr@great-lakes.net; p2tech@great-lakes.net
	Subject:	Holiday P2

	Happy Holidays All-
	Does anyone know of, or have a compilation of holiday p2 tips,
i.e Xmas,
	Hanukkah, etc.
	related?  I would like to share it with our Michigan DEQ staff,
if such a thing
	somewhere!  Thanks-

	Carrie Monosmith
	Environmental Quality Analyst
	Michigan Dept of Environmental Quality
	Environmental Assistance Division
	PO Box 30457
	Lansing, MI 48909-7957
	phone: 517-373-0604
	fax: 517-373-3675
	email: monosmic@state.mi.us