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Wellhead protection

   Dear P2Techies,
   An interesting request came to me about wellhead protection and P2.
   Perhaps some of you may have some suggestions to offer.
   One of my colleagues in the Bureau of Water Supply Management (Safe
   Drinking Water Act), sent to following to me:
   In response to a question about where to find BMP info for business
   and industries at a recent EPA regions 3 & 4 joint meeting on local
   wellhead protection program implementation, I mentioned that state
   pollution prevention (P2) staff might be able to provide BMP info for
   businesses and industries and that in PA, we've just started talking
   to our P2 staff about this.
   Afterwards, the Ground-Water Technician from the South Carolina Rural
   Water Association approached me and wanted to know if I could provide
   her with a contact in our P2 program regarding proper BMPs for
   ground-water protection.
   I'm inquiring as to who I could direct this person to.  Perhaps just a
   referral to an EPA contact person is all that's needed.  I gather she
   has also spoken to the South Carolina state agency about this query as
   In case someone wants to respond directly to her, here is her name and
   Elaine H. Biber
   South Carolina Rural Water Association      
   215 Mariners Row
   Columbia, SC 29212
   (803) 732-0666
   e-mail: groundwtr@sprintmail.com
   As I interpret the term, Best Management Practices (BMP) does not
   specify a technical method or piece of equipment.  Rather BMP is using
   good housekeeping, reduction in hazardous materials used in a
   manufacturing process, minimizing the amount of raw materials placed
   into a manufactured product, and other source reduction / pollution
   prevention concepts.
   Elaine and I discussed barriers that may be placed upon P2 by
   requiring only certain technologies.  Thre may be more potential for
   greater wellhead protection if businesses located near wells seek
   innovative P2.
   Thank you in advance for your help.
      Jo Anne Hollash
      PA DEP - OPPCA
      14th Floor RCSOB
      P. O. Box 8472
      Harrisburg, PA 17105-8472
      Please visit our website at     http://www.dep.state.pa.us