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Spill Kit Requirements and Information

Good day environmental friends.  I am interested in knowing if anyone is
aware of any specific requirements for sizes of spill kits as it relates
to the capacity of the transport vehicle that may be transporting
fuel/oil/diesel or other petroleum related product.  For example does a
5,000 gallon tanker need a spill kit that has a capacity to contain 50
gallons or similar scenario.  I realize the regulation usually phrase it
to say that the kit and or " contingency plan be capable of containing
and controlling the product".  If anyone has any reference to preambles
that may have aluded  to the capacity in the regs or any states that may
have more specific requirements.  I am primarily interested in petroleum
products from a military (all services) position.  This can be related
to DOT or EPA.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bob Fletcher, CET, CHMM
Manager, Environmental Training
Ft. Campbell, KY
Email: fletcher@campbell-emh5.army.mil