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Re: P2 and ISO 14000

At 10:56 AM 1/5/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone has come accross a study of pollution prevention
>but as part of the ISO 14000 standards. I've had a chance to study the
>standards but I find that they don't elaborate too much about how pollution
>prevention can contribute to the certification process. If anyone has any
>comments or knows of any articles, I would really welcome them.
>Thank you,
>Nathalie Mayrand
>M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences
>University of Quebec in Montreal 
Hello Nathalie,

Go to http://www.nben.org and click on "forum for BMP" to see the model ems
created from iso 14000 and the massachusetts P2 program (TURA) as well as
the CMA Responsible Care and EPA standards.  It isn't perfect but is one
shot at combining approaches.

I hope this helps.

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