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teleconference on P2 in the Iron and Steel Industry

Nancy Riley of the U.S. Information Agency's Worldnet Television sent us
the following request.

She's looking for a presenter to participate in a  Worldnet  "Dialogue" on
environmental management in the Iron and Steel Industry.  They're looking
for an expert on either clean technology in the steel industry or
life-cycle assessment of steel products.  The interactive seminar will be
broadcast live to Calcutta, India, where around 150 participants from the
Indian steel industry, government, and academia are expected to attend.  It
will also be viewed at other locations in Europe and Asia. 

The event will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 13th, 1998 from 8-9am.

Those interested should contact Nancy Riley at 202-401-8432 or by fax at
202-401-8420 as soon as possible.