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Cardboard Recycling by-product

A large Montana container manufacturer recycles old cardboard containers
(OCC). About 8% of the total is rejected because of contaminants (plastic,
polystyrene, etc.). More than half of this reject stream (about 15
tons/day) is burned, the rest (about 10 tons/day) is non-burnable and is

Citizens are concerned about the burning because of plastics in the reject
stream, generally comprised of:

   69% fiber
   29% plastic
    2% other (e.g., polystyrene)

The company is investigating other options including landfilling. Does
anyone know of alternative uses of such a by-product, or have ideas about
reducing same? The company rep claims that, at a 92% yield, they are
already very efficient and can't think of ways to reduce this waste stream.
I'd love your help in convincing him otherwise...

Any info appreciated.


Todd MacFadden
Pollution Prevention Technical Specialist
Montana State University Extension Service
Taylor Hall
Bozeman, MT 59717
(406) 994-3451
(fax) 994-5417