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Targeting top TRI reporters for reductions

Minnesota is considering embarking on a project to target our top 15-20 TRI 
reporters in the state this coming year toward reducing their releases. 
 They include such companies as 3M, Koch Refinery, ADM, paper companies, 
Ford, food companies, and others.  We would like to help them help each 
other, and to offer what we can in the way of P2 services to help them 
further reduce their releases.  Have other states taken this approach?  What 
has worked?  What has not?  What are these large companies looking for from 
us as P2 assistance providers? Or is there anything we can do for them? 
 Your response would be appreciated.

Cindy McComas
University of MN
1313 5th Street, #207
Mpls, MN  55414
612-627-4769 (fax)