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Reminder for the memory-impaired (Call for Papers)

     Comrades in the P2 Revolution__
     It was Mencken that said: "Any man who afflicts the human race with 
     ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood."  And while being 
     misunderstood worked for Erik Burdon and the Animals, it tends to 
     frustrate the rest of us.  So here's your chance to be somewhat less 
     misunderstood by coming to Cincinnatti and explaining your ideas in 
     Just a post-holiday reminder of the call for papers we issued last 
     month, seeking presentations for the "Information Technologies and 
     Pollution Prevention:  Practical Tools for P2 Results," track of the 
     National Pollution Prevention Roundtable Spring Conference (April 
     28-May 1, 1998 Cincinnati, OH).  While we've extended the deadline by 
     a few days to accommodate those afflicted with eggnog-induced memory 
     lapses, we really do need to have abstracts submitted to myself and/or 
     Greg Geyer NO LATER THAN Monday, January 14, 1998.
     This is already shaping up to be a good session.  But as Linus Pauling 
     once said (well, he probably said it more than once, but I 
     digress....):  "The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of 
     Think spring! 
     Scott Butner
     Senior Research Scientist
     Pacific NW National Laboratory
     FINAL (yes, this time we really mean final!) CALL FOR PAPERS
     "Information Technologies and Pollution Prevention:  Practical Tools 
     for P2 Results."
     National Pollution Prevention Roundtable Spring Conference April 
     28-May 1, 1998
     Cincinnati, OH
     The Information Technologies Working Group of the National Pollution 
     Prevention Roundtable is pleased to invite "proposals to present" for 
     the NPPR's 1998 Spring National Meeting.  The meeting will be held in 
     Cincinnati, OH on April 28-May 1, 1998 and promises to be the premier 
     event in the P2 community!  
     We are specifically looking for papers or presentations on the 
     following topics:
     - Innovative Approaches to Using Information Technologies for 
     Pollution Prevention.  How can information technologies be applied to 
     pollution prevention?  We are looking for innovative applications
     of  modeling, simulation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and 
     other software to pollution prevention training, program development, 
     and technical assistance.
     - How to Use the Internet Effectively.  Now that the Internet has 
     become a mainstream tool, what has been done to deliver information 
     effectively, and what can be done to improve it's effectiveness?  
     Share what you've done in web site design, training, or integration 
     with the other aspects of your program.  We are looking for tools and 
     examples that will advance the effectiveness of P2 Centers, P2 
     Technical Assistance providers, and state environmental programs.
     - Linking P2 Information Providers -- An Update on the status of the 
     National P2 Information Network.  The NPPR has been a leader in the 
     development of a national network of P2 information providers.  This 
     session will provide an update on the status of the network and 
     related efforts to link information providers.
     If you would like to present information on any of these topics, 
     please send a short (500 word or less) description of your proposed 
     presentation, along with the usual contact information (name, 
     organizational affiliation, phone, and e-mail) to the session 
     co-chairs (listed below).   Selection of proposed papers will occur on 
      or about January 15, 1998 and we will make a valiant effort to notify 
     all who submit proposals of the status of their submission by the time 
     the groundhog pops his/her head out of the ground.  Authors whose 
     papers are accepted for presentation will be required to provide a 
     short professional biography.
     If you have any questions about a proposed topic, please feel free to 
     contact either of us!
     Many regards,
     Session Co-chairs,
     Scott Butner
     Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 
     4000 NE 41st Street Seattle, WA  98105
     206-528-3290 voice/206-528-3552 fax
     Greg Geyer
     Project Manager
     Manufacturing Partnership of Wastern Massachusetts 
     477 Center Street
     Ludlow, MA  01056
     (413) 583-5560 voice/ 413-583-5583 fax 
     ggeyer@cbwl.org or grgeyer@aol.com