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RE: Targeting top TRI reporters for reductions

The Pacific NW Pollution Prevention Resource Center in Seattle has
conducted a number of projects focused on stimulating the sharing of P2
information between industries within specific sectors. You can contact
them at (206) 223-2252 or look at their website.

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> Sent:	Thursday, January 08, 1998 7:44 AM
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> Subject:	Targeting top TRI reporters for reductions
> Minnesota is considering embarking on a project to target our top
> 15-20 TRI 
> reporters in the state this coming year toward reducing their
> releases. 
>  They include such companies as 3M, Koch Refinery, ADM, paper
> companies, 
> Ford, food companies, and others.  We would like to help them help
> each 
> other, and to offer what we can in the way of P2 services to help them
> further reduce their releases.  Have other states taken this approach?
> What 
> has worked?  What has not?  What are these large companies looking for
> from 
> us as P2 assistance providers? Or is there anything we can do for
> them? 
>  Your response would be appreciated.
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