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RE: Companies Using Wastewater Source Reduction in Paint & Adhesives

WA State Dept. of Ecology has several case studies that might be of
interest.  They are in a document titled, "Success Through Waste
Reduction--Vol 1", available on the Envirosense website at
Look for stories on United Coatings, Kinnear Door, and Inland

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> Subject:	Companies Using Wastewater Source Reduction in Paint &
> Adhesives
> Does anyone know of any specific paint or adhesive formulators who
> have   
> had success in implementing wastewater source reduction?  Names of   
> comapnies with contacts and phone numbers would be greatly
> appreciated.   
>  We have a client (adhesive formulator) company who isn't convinced   
> wastewater reduction and reuse is anything more than an academic
> concept.   
>  He says, "Prove that it works!"
> Thanks for you help.
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