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RE: Targeting top TRI reporters for reductions


I think you've got the wrong focus for your project.  Many of these
companies are big emitters because they are big producers.  You will
have a very difficult time achieving any success in moving a company
from 99 percent efficiency to 99+ (just an example).  Many of these
companies saw the P2 light years ago and the only assistance they need
is more $$$ for capital improvement and more $$$ for basic research. I
seriously doubt you will be able to make major savings although there
might still be some low hanging fruit lying around.

You need some type of economic indicator that tells you what percentage
of their annual operating budget goes towards P2 type projects.  If its
high, then they probably don't need your help.  If its low, then you
need to find out if its low because they have already done it or if its
because they don't have a clue.

Another thing to consider is that no P2 option, regardless of how great
it is, will succeed if the company doesn't want it too.  Perhaps you
should just take your list of TRI companies and start calling.  If they
want your help, great.  If not, move on to the next.

You mentioned that you want these generators to help each other.  Have
you thought about a benchmarking study ?  You could identify common
operations and benchmark performance.  Techniques used in one industry
to minimize waste might be useful to another.  Issues of waste reduction
in raw material handling are the same regardless of specific industry.
Equipment cleaning and maintenance are other common areas.  

Just a few thoughts,
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> Subject: 	Targeting top TRI reporters for reductions
> Minnesota is considering embarking on a project to target our top
> 15-20 TRI 
> reporters in the state this coming year toward reducing their
> releases. 
>  They include such companies as 3M, Koch Refinery, ADM, paper
> companies, 
> Ford, food companies, and others.  We would like to help them help
> each 
> other, and to offer what we can in the way of P2 services to help them
> further reduce their releases.  Have other states taken this approach?
> What 
> has worked?  What has not?  What are these large companies looking for
> from 
> us as P2 assistance providers? Or is there anything we can do for
> them? 
>  Your response would be appreciated.
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