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re: Targeting top TRI reporters for reductions

In Delaware, in 1991 we targeted the top 20 TRI reporters for coluntary 
reductions.  They each had to send commitment letters.  We offered them 
assistance, but none needed it.  The program was very successful and achieved 
its goals a year ahead of schedule.  What the companies liked was our 
publicizing their successes. 

I approached the companies last year regarding another version of  the 
program.  TO a one, the plant managers were in favorof it.  They liked making 
a public commitment, making the commitment gave them greater leverage with 
their corporate headquarters to ensure that they got the funding to keep their 

So, for big companies, the most important thing seemed to be publicity and 
public commitments.

Andrea Kreiner Farrell
Delaware Pollution Prevention Program
302-739-3822          302-739-6242 fax