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Re: (All) Waste Prevention Technology

At 06:52 AM 1/9/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Can anyone provide me with some examples of marketable technology that is
>used to PREVENT waste?  I am looking for examples that do not simply shift
>waste to another medium (e.g., closed loop systems that eliminate
wastewater but 
>have an evaporate that is a hazardous waste or ultrasonic cleaners that
>solvent but create a new wastewater stream).  I am also looking for examples 
>that do not significantly increase energy use or create a safety problem
>critical fluid carbon dioxide).  Are there any references that examine this 
>topic?  I will provide a summary to this list of any responses I receive
to this 
>query.  Thank you.
>Bob Pojasek
>Cambridge Environmental Inc.
>58 Charles St.
>Cambridge, MA 02141
>(617) 225-0812
>(617) 225-0813 FAX
Hi Bob,

How about no-clean solder technologies, electroless plating, non-cyanide
plating, low-voc inks and coatings, efficient spray nozzles, dry machining
equipment, etc.  Does non-chlorine bleaching in the paper industry meet
your criteria?  Does your assessment of energy use include that used in the
manufacture, transport and disposal of the toxic chemical replaced?

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