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Re: Polystyrene (better)

At 09:36 AM 1/9/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Staff in our recycling division are doing some research regarding
>polystyrene.  Can anyone tell me the chemical makeup of polystyrene and the
>cost per pound to produce?
>Thanks for your help.


According to the Chemical Economics Handdbook by SRI International, the
styrene market price was between 56 and 64 cents a pound in 1994.  I don't
know hoe to find out what it costs to make.   It is obtained through
free-radical polymerization of the styrene monomer, and may have additives
such as flame retardants, plasticizers and colorants.  The US produces 6.5
billion pounds per year or 26% of the world's production. We recycle 12%
compared to Germany at 40%. Incidentally, the styrene monomer is a suspect
carcinogen, readily absorbed through the skin.  In high dosages it affects
brain and liver function, causing death.  It is listed on SARA 313. 

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