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Re: (All) Waste Prevention Technology

Hi Bob.  Don't overlook the basics in waste prevention technology.  How
about low flow showerheads?  Or solvent stills?  Or basic process controls
that prevent bad batches or process upsets?  These may seem obvious but they
are often not used, especially in small businesses.  In five years of doing
P2 work in Asia I have never seen a low-flow showerhead or a solvent still,
and have visited plants where they manage the process temperature by putting
their hand on the heating unit.  I have been encouraging the World Bank and
others to get a clue and focus on financing the production of BASIC p2
technologies like these, but such things are not as sexy as power stations
and chemical plants.  I suppose its the same old story, people looking for
complex solutions when the problem is so basic they can't really see it...

Burt Hamner

At 06:52 AM 1/9/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Can anyone provide me with some examples of marketable technology that is
>used to PREVENT waste?  I am looking for examples that do not simply shift the 
>waste to another medium (e.g., closed loop systems that eliminate
wastewater but 
>have an evaporate that is a hazardous waste or ultrasonic cleaners that
>solvent but create a new wastewater stream).  I am also looking for examples 
>that do not significantly increase energy use or create a safety problem
>critical fluid carbon dioxide).  Are there any references that examine this 
>topic?  I will provide a summary to this list of any responses I receive to
>query.  Thank you.
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