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' Having Archive Problems?

If you have tried to search the P2Tech Archives in the last few months, you
probably discovered that they are not working.  The group that houses the
archives for us (and hosts P2Tech at no charge) has been doing some
rearranging. I have been trying to contact the appropriate people, but we
seem to be a pretty low priority.  I will continue to push for the archives
to be  fixed and will let you all know when I get some resolution.  In the
mean time, I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

Lisa Merrifield
P2Tech List Manager
Lisa C. Merrifield (Morrison)			217/244-6061 (v)
Technical / Information Specialist			217/333-8944 (f)
IL Waste Management and Research Cnt. 	merrifld@wmrc.hazard.uiuc.edu
One East Hazelwood Dr.				Champaign, Illinois 61820