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Re: Industrial Discharge P2 - contractor request

Date:          Mon, 12 Jan 1998 16:09:27 -0500
From:          Natalie Starr <nstarr@sover.net>
Organization:  DSM Environmental Services Inc
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Subject:       Re: Industrial Discharge P2 - contractor request
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I'll bet you didn't mean for this to go out to the entire list 
serve...but it gives me the opportunity to put in my two cents worth. 
Go For It!!!

Do Make it a GREAT Day!

Andrea K. Farrell wrote:
> We are intersted in hiring a contractor to work with us on our project to
> identify and quantify reductions in pollutant loadings to POTWs due to
> pollution prevention.  Specifically, the contractor would work with industrial
> dischargers to identify and quantify reduction in loadings since 1995,
> identify reductions due to P2, and develop a mechanism to track future
> reductions/reduction efforts.
> Any interested parties, should contact me directly.
> Thanks in advance,
> Andrea
> Andrea Kreiner Farrell
> Delaware Pollution Prevention Program
> 302-739-3822          302-739-6242 fax
> afarrell@dnrec.state.de.us


What do you think?  Interested?


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