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U.S. DOE Pollution Prevention Conference

The U.S. Department of Energy Pollution Prevention Conference XIV will 
be held June 1-4, 1998 in Seattle, Washington.  This year's theme is 
"Return on Innovation:  Investing in Our Future."  
In light of the theme, the concurrent technical sessions will focus in 
the following areas:  
ROI: Project Accomplishments 
ROI: Resolving Programmatic Issues 
Cleanup, Deactivation, Demolition, and Restoration 
Operations Source Reduction & Recycle Success 
Energy Conservation 
Internet and Information Resources 
Outreach and Partnerships 
Chemical Management 
Pollution Prevention Incentives/Generator Participation 
Affirmative Procurement 
Design for Environment 
Innovative Research and Development Technologies
The posters will all depict successful Return on Investment projects, 
and our exhibits will address new, innovative projects/programs across 
the complex.  We invite you to participate in this year's conference by 
submitting an abstract for a paper, poster, and/or exhibit.
Abstracts for Technical Papers, Posters, and Exhibits are due FEBRUARY 
28, 1998 and authors will be notified of acceptance by MARCH 16, 1998. 
The official DOE Pollution Prevention Conference website is 
http://www.hanford.gov/polprev/conference/index.htm.  The abstract 
submittal form can be obtained from the conference homepage.
If you do not have access to the WWW, please call me at (509) 372-1627 
or e-mail me at Mary_D_Betsch@rl.gov and I will fax you a copy of the 
pertinent information.
Please forward this message electronically to others in your 
Mary Betsch
Waste Management Federal Services of Hanford Inc.
P.O. Box 700, H6-06
Richland, WA  99352
Phone (509) 372-1627
Fax (509) 373-0743