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UV Curable Coatings : P2 Technology

    I have observed one local facility (manufacturer of quality 
    furniture) using UV curable coatings on select furniture surfaces 
    with reportedly good results.  Facility reports also claim "no" 
    waste and elimination of VOC's from operations where UV coatings 
    have been employed.  (I say "no" waste since I assume equipment 
    failure and perhaps some defective product may eventually be 
    generated.)  The process looks pretty slick!
    I have been trying to get another manufacturer of door skins to 
    look into the UV coating approach.  This facility generates about   
    10,000 gallons per month of waste paint and an additional 
    (estimated) 1000 gallons per month of "primer" coating waste, and 
    doesn't seem to think there is a problem.  No comment on VOC's.  
    Reportedly they were looking at a process called "direct roll 
    application" which I use my imagination to envision...considering 
    the amount of waste paint, it was difficult to believe that any 
    paint ended up on the product!!
    My dream is slowly coming true since another door-skin 
    mnanufacturer in the area has adopted the UV curable system.  I'm 
    looking forward to learning as much as possible about it in the 
    near future.  The facility reports very good results (product and