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Re: Solvent issue

     Pat, it is not clear to me what your question is.  It sounds like you 
     have a lot of answers.

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Subject: Solvent issue 
Author:  <p2tech@great-lakes.net > at internet-mail
Date:    1/12/98 11:37 AM

I joined this listserv as a result of my involvement in another listserv 
which is directly related to my field of historic preservation. One of 
the members on that list thought there might be some information here 
re:state issues on solvent use reduction. 
I realized after a very short time that the efforts of this group are on 
a much grander scale than my original intent.
Before I un-subscribe I thought I would just pose a question and 
statement about my interests.
In building facade cleaning chemicals (solvents) both highly acidic and 
highly alkaline are used to "restore" a structure either on a one time 
or periodic basis. The containment needs as well as some of the 
undesirable results are obvious, especially to this group. 
Working with a manufacturer of a non-chemical cleaning system known as 
JOS which uses air, limestone powder, and a small amount of water many 
of the same results are achieved. It is not a total replacement rather 
an alternative in many cases. It's primary use has been international in 
historic preservation but is now being used even on skyscrapers.
While some stringent VOC laws are in effect, such as Boston and New York 
City (very similar) one area enforces with a vengeance while the other 
virtually ignores the situation. As the limestone is basically from an 
agricultural base the resultant effluent, depending on the material 
removed, is non-hazadrous.
If anyone has some thoughts, or can recommend another listserv that 
might be more appropriate, please let me know.
Pat Morrissey