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Spanish Farm*A*Syst

Well over a year ago I mentioned on this list serve that we were developing
a spanish language version of our Farm*A*Syst materials.  It is now
available in both hard copy and electronic format.  The entire document is
on our website under:


For more info contact me at:

         Liz Nevers
         Nat'l Farm*A*Syst / Home*A*Syst Programs			          
         B142 Steenbock Library		            	 
         550 Babcock Drive				 
         Madison, Wisconsin 53706			 
         Phone: 608-265-2774				 
         Fax:       608-265-2775				 
         Email:  enevers@facstaff. wisc.edu			 
         Web site:  http://www.wisc.edu/farmasyst