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Re: high school curriculum

     If I'm not mistaken, I saw P2 Curriculum guides for different levels 
     of school (including high school?) for sale and on display at an Air & 
     Waste Management Association conference.  Let me know what you find 
     out on that one.
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Subject: high school curriculum
Author:  p2tech@great-lakes.net at INTERNET
Date:    1/14/98 10:40 AM

Here are a couple more good sources for a high school P2 curriculum. "The 
No Waste Anthology: A Teacher's Guide to Environmental Activities K-12" 
includes background information, experiments and transparencies on water 
pollution, oil, air pollution, solid waste, the three Rs, household 
hazardous waste, etc. Contact: Public Education Coordinator, Department of 
Toxic Substances Control, 400 P Street, P.O. Box 806, Sacramento, 
California  95812-0806.
Another source is the four-volume REEP, Regional Environmental Education 
Program. The P2 component was funded by US EPA. Volumes cover social, 
biological and physical sciences, and emphasize ecosystems, biodiversity 
and interdependence. As with the first source, these binders include 
experiments and lesson plans (K-12). Call the Schuylkill Center for 
Environmental Education at 215-482-7300.
I hope this helps.
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