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Accessing: Spanish Farm*A*Syst

For those of you interested in the Spanish version of Farm*A*Syst, here are
some additional instructions. 

 To access the full  Farm*A*Syst  Spanish language worksheets to assess
environmental conditions, you can down load them either as 
 Pagemaker 6.0 files or Acrobat Adobe PDF files.  A table of contents is
shown in HTML format  if you click on  either of the electronic verisons.
PDF files can be read through your browers, you just need a copy of Acrobat
Reader.  You can download a free reader from this site.   Sorry, the full
document is not available in HTML at this time.  The spanish language
brochure is and is linked to this site. You can also get printed copies from
the national office.  

Hope this helps.

         Liz Nevers
         Nat'l Farm*A*Syst / Home*A*Syst Programs			          
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         550 Babcock Drive				 
         Madison, Wisconsin 53706			 
         Phone: 608-265-2774				 
         Fax:       608-265-2775				 
         Email:  enevers@facstaff. wisc.edu			 
         Web site:  http://www.wisc.edu/farmasyst