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Inquiry regarding P2 for greenhouse managers

    The Gulf Coast Environmental Library and the Gulf Coast Hazardous
Substance Research Center have been part of a team of environmental
professionals who have been assisting small businesses in Southeast
Texas through an EPA Region VI PPIS grant. Recently, our team visited
a large wholesale greenhouse operation. Although the company has been in
business for a number of years, the new management is eager to run an
energy-efficient and environmentally friendly business. One manager
would like to make the old glass greenhouse more energy efficient. 
Have any of the P2Tech readers done any work with greenhouse facilities?
Do any of you have any reports from prior P2 site assistance visits that 
you might share with us? 

     Do any of you have any experience with reflective roofing coatings
that might shield the greenhouses from our hot Texas sun, yet high levels
of light continue to penetrate? Have any of you had any experience using
deciduous trees to reduce heat during the summer in greenhouses? Our
"winters" are very short (about two months) here in Southeast Texas,
and we are located near the coast and must worry about damage from
hurricanes, so I do not know if this would be a possible option or not.
I would really appreciate hearing from any of you who may have ideas.

Margaret Aycock
Environmental Librarian
Gulf Coast Environmental Library
P.O. Box 10671
TX  77710-0671
(409) 880-8897
FAX (409) 880-1837